The aim of this site is to try and put together a complete touring list for Frehley's Comet 1984-1988. Think of it as a Frehley's Comet Alive Forever—the complete touring history.

To make this as complete as humanly possible we need everyone (who wants to) to contribute.      

  • Do you have newspaper clippings or concert ads from these tours?
  • Were you a member of a Frehley's Comet fan club back in the day and have kept the mailings?
  • Do you have old fanzines that feature the Comet or, perhaps, any of the fanzines devoted to Frehley's Comet?
  • Did you see the band at any of the shows they played?
  • Did you tape any of the shows so we can give credit where credit is due?
  • Do you have photos of the band at any time during this period?

If any of these apply to you and you might consider contributing, please contact the site via the form so that all the Frehley's Comet fans out there can remember this era.