84.11.30 NEW YORK, NY

LOCATION: New York, New York
VENUE: S.I.R. Studios
OPENER(s): -
HEADLINE: Frehley's Comet

Rip it Out
Audio Video/Catch Me When I Fall*
Cold Gin
Give It To Me Anyway
Back Into My Arms Again
New York Groove
We Got Your Rock
Remember Me

Showcase gig for the band. Attendees needed an invitation to get in (see example below). There seems to have been two differently colored versions of the invitation, presumably one was for attendees who were industry insiders, who the showcase was really for, and the other waas for regular fans who were there to create ambience. Exists on two sources of partial audio—one straight feed from the soundboard and one audience recording—and complete video. (Information courtsey tolvis.) Kerrang magazine mentioned the event in their no. 84 issue (street date 84-12-27). 

A few songs from the afternoon soundcheck also circulate:
Cold gin
Give it to me anyway

Judging by the clothes Ace wears it seems as if the "promo photo" for Peavey that ran in the company's Monitor Magazine no. 1 (early 1985) was taken on this day. 

* The song Audio Video has also been known under the name Catch Me When I Fall. John Regan has confirmed the title as Audio Video (Alex Bergdahl, personal communication 2019), however, contemporary evidence suggests that the title is actually Catch Me When I Fall. See the note on the show at L'Amour 85-03-08

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Invitation to the showcase. Note original Frehley's Comet logo which was used as a stage backdrop 1984-85.

Different color invitation. These had a stamp on the back.

Frehley's Comet at S.I.R. 1984 (left-to-right): Ace, Richie Scarlett, Arthur Stead, John Regan, and Anton Fig.