LOCATION: London, England  
VENUE: Hammersmith Odeon Theatre
OPENER(s): John Norum 
HEADLINE: Frehley's Comet

Rip it out
Stranger in a strange land
Something moved
Cold gin
Calling to you
New York groove
Love me right
Shock me
Rock soldiers
Rocket ride

The only show outside the continental US that Frehley's Comet ever did was the brainchild of then-manager Johhny Z. The show was partially recorded professionally on video and later released—even more partially—on the home video Live... + 4. The raw material for this video is available in collector circles. There is also a lot of behind-the-scenes footage. According to John Regan it was "Ace's own personal footage that he shot with his own camera" and originally it might have been intended for use on the live video. (Kerrang no. 192, p. 9) There are photos that show both Ace and Eddie trunk wielding the camera. 

As mentioned in this ad in Kerrang no. 178, Frehley's Comet did an in-store appearance at The Record Shop in Surrey on March 17. 

Setlist comes from an audience-recorded video of the whole show which has a total run time of about 70 min. Both the major metal magazines in the UK—Kerrang and Metal Hammer—reviewed the show favorably. 

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